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Your teeth are one of your most noticeable features. They are visible when you talk, laugh, and bite while you eat. Over time, they tend to get discolored, no matter how much care you give them. Everybody wants to have a beautiful, white smile. Unfortunately, tooth discoloration is a common problem in a world filled with cola, coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, and other foods and substances that can stain your teeth. So, what can you do about it? What can you do to achieve the dazzlingly white smile you’ve always dreamed of? The answer, of course, is to invest in tooth whitening!


Whitening Procedures

Zoom Whitening Vs Regular WhiteningThere are numerous over the counter products that can help whiten your teeth at home. Whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, and gels, and more recently whitening rinses are all readily available. However, most of these will not produce the results you are looking for. There are also whitening systems that you can purchase either in a pharmacy or from your dentist that use a mouth guard-like mold, filled with a gel whitening solution and then fitted into your mouth for a prescribed period of time. You usually need to repeat this tiresome process for weeks, so if you are after the quick result, this is not the solution.

Getting your teeth bleached at your dentist’s is much more efficient. Dentists have a wide range of options available to them, including special lights, lasers, or heat treatments applied directly to your teeth. The process takes half an hour to an hour and you will see a significant difference as soon as it is finished. You may need to repeat this process several times if you are looking to get a really beaming smile but it is still a time saver compared to Pharmacy remedies.

Zoom Whitening

Group of people with White Smiles - Rexburg DentalIf you want even faster or more dramatic tooth whitening, our offices offer you the ZOOM! whitening procedure. This revolutionary tooth whitening dentistry procedure is safe, effective and fast. Very fast. The procedure utilizes a scientifically formulated, light-activated gel. When activated by the ZOOM! light, the gel gently penetrates your teeth to remove deep stains and discolorations. If you’re looking for immediate and dramatic results, ZOOM! whitening is perfect. In just over an hour, your teeth can be 6-10 shades whiter, showing visible results each time you receive it! Zoom whitening is the latest development and uses a strong bleaching agent that exfoliates the stains on your teeth bringing them back to their natural color. It is a portable system that can even come to your place of work and uses a strong bleaching agent to exfoliate stains that accumulate inside your teeth in order to bring them back to their natural color. It has also proven to be a step above other similar products, as it does not harm your teeth and gums, but instead protects your enamel.

Call your dentist today and discuss the best options for you and your budget. We all know that your smile is one of the first things most people notice about you because that is what you notice on them. Make sure you take care of your smile and impress everyone you meet with the brilliance of your smile.

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