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October 18, 2015
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October 30, 2015
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[schema type=”product” url=”www.mycomfortcaredental.com” name=”Sleep Apnea” description=”Sleep Apnea testing and dental solutions are available at both our Pocatello and Idaho Falls dentist office locations. ” ]If you hear sleep apnea and immediately start envisioning a loud machine which you will have to sleep with forever, you are not the only one. These days, there are alternatives which are quieter and much more discrete. Comfort Care Dental Specialists will assess your situation and provide the right solution for you.

sleep apnea solution

Trained Staff

At Comfort Care Dental, we are dedicated finding the best solution for you by making a full assessment and ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire process. Our dentists have extensive training in the various sleep apnea treatment options, and can help you manage the issue with a combination of recommended lifestyle changes and, if necessary, customized tools to reduce or completely eradicate snoring.

Dental Devices for Sleep Apnea

Times have changed from when the only solution was a CPAP device requiring an oxygen tank and a facemask all night. While snoring has not become less of an issue, the treatments available now, offer very discrete, cost effective, and not especially inconvenient alternatives.

Instead of having to rely on uncomfortable loud machines, our well trained staff can, in most cases, provide an aid to help you breathe normally at night. This includes devices similar to a mouth guard that ensure that both your jaw and tongue are supported, and make sure you can breathe more freely when asleep.

This non-invasive approach should be enough to get both your breathing and snoring under control. This can all be done in just a few sessions spread out over several weeks, with no need to spend nights away from home hooked up a strange machine. During this process, we will follow your progress and make any adjustments necessary to ensure that the device is giving you sound and stress free sleep.

If you suspect you might suffer from sleep apnea take the quick survey on our page and make an appointment. The sooner we help you, the sooner you will see your overall quality of life improve.

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