Did you know that the average American drinks over 600 servings of soda per year? That’s a lot when you think about the damage soda does to your teeth.

Your dentist always tells you that soda and carbonation are bad for your teeth and that they can even stain the color. Most people, however, can’t understand the depth of the damage that these acidic beverages cause without proof.

But here is another question: Would you drink battery acid? Probably not. It may seem like an outrageous question, but those who understand the acidity of soda recognize that the results are similar.

The following chart shows examples of the pH levels of acidity in different kinds of drinks we enjoy every day. We’ve taken these drinks and compared them to the pH levels of acidity in battery acid to show you just how small the difference actually is.

So next time you crack open a cold can of soda, think about what you are doing to the rest of your body—especially your teeth—before you take a swig.