Unfortunately, your teeth are susceptible to damage and loss due to a myriad of reasons such as:

  • Sports injury
  • Accidental trauma
  • Decay
  • Diseases such as gingivitis

If you have lost any teeth or they have been damaged, our Pocatello dental clinic can help you get your smile back and relieve any pain involved. Depending on the severity of the damage, a simple procedure such placing veneers might be all that is needed. Tooth loss may requite more advanced prosthesis such as partial or complete dentures or dental implants.

If you believe that you are in need of any tooth (teeth) replacement or repair, read on to understand what is involved with dentures, implants, and veneers.


Pocatello Dental Clinic - Dentures

Complete or partial dentures replace lost or removed teeth

Dentures are also commonly called “false teeth.” Dentures are typically recommended when multiple teeth have been damaged due to decay or multiple teeth have been removed/lost. Dentures come in two styles:

  • Complete Dentures: when all of the teeth are missing in the upper (maxillary) or lower (mandibular) arch of the jaw, a complete set of dentures will be created. This involves your dentist taking a mold of the arch the dentures are going to be made for. Then, you will be given the option of getting immediate or conventional dentures. If your dentist has removed any teeth prior to getting dentures, the conventional dentures may be your best option because they will allow your gums to heal before they are installed. However, some people may not want to wait that long for their new teeth. Immediate dentures are made soon after your dentist prepares your gums. However, this option will require regular adjustments as your gums and jaw change and shrink over time. Complete dentures are removable so that they can be cleaned on a regular basis. Our Pocatello dental clinic will answer any questions you may have. Complete dentures are held in place with screws, studs, or metal framework.
  • Partial Dentures: when you only need to replace a few teeth rather than a whole set, partial dentures may be your best option. Unlike bridges, another tooth replacement option, partial dentures are removable so that you can clean them. Like complete dentures, these are held in place using metal framework.

Dentures have been used since the early 7th century B.C. when people in Italy created primitive sets using human or animal teeth connected to each other using gold bands. Japan invented wooden dentures in the 16th century and were hand-carved. The Japanese used wooden dentures until as recently at the 1800’s. Contrary to popular belief, our 1st president, George Washington, never wore wooden dentures. His were made from elephant and hippopotamus ivory. Modern dentures are made out of durable acrylics that can be colored to match just about anybody’s gums and tissues. It takes a little while for the recipients of dentures to get used to them. Our Pocatello dental clinic can help you adjust to your new dentures and adjust them to increase comfort.


Dental Implants - Pocatello Dental ClinicIf you need just one or two teeth replaced, a dental implant is a permanent solution that will restore your smile and boost your self-esteem. The process usually starts at our Pocatello dental clinic where your dentist will prepare your jaw where the implant stud will be mounted. A screw will be installed into your jaw bone directly underneath the location of the lost tooth. Once the stud, or implant, has been installed, your dentist will suture up the incision.

It will take about 90-180 days for your jaw bone to heal around the implant after which the next step in the process will begin. During this healing time, your dentist may install a temporary crown to aid you in chewing food and talking. Once the jaw has healed, you will come in to get an abutment installed onto the implant. The abutment is the base where the permanent prosthetic tooth will be fastened. An impression will be taken of the abutment and then your dentist will create the crown (the new tooth). After the restoration has been created, it will then be permanently bonded to the abutment. The best thing about dental implants are that once they are complete, they look and feel just like a real tooth. They can be both fixed and removable, depending on the needs of the patient.

Dental implants are not for everybody. Because this is a surgical procedure, not all patients will qualify due to inadequate bone support, gums and tissues in poor condition, or poor overall health. If your dentist believes dental implants are a good option for you, they will answer any questions you may have concerning the procedure.

People have been transplanting human teeth and other materials into the jaws of dental patients for thousands of years. Everything from bamboo, gold, ivory, and even sea shells have been used as early dental implants. It was found in 1940 that bone had a wonderful tendency to bond quite nicely to titanium and thus the term “osseointegration” was coined to describe the phenomenon. To this day, titanium is used in the creation and placement of dental implants because they won’t loosen and fall out.  If you believe that dental implants are right for you, contact our Pocatello dental clinic to set up an appointment.


Pocatello Dental Clinic - VeneersWhile dentures and implants are designed to replace lost teeth, slightly chipped and worn teeth can be repaired using veneers. A veneer is basically a composite or dental porcelain covering that is built up (composite) over the existing tooth or created in a lab and then bonded (dental porcelain) to the existing tooth. Veneers do a wonderful job of enhancing the appearance of teeth and improving your smile. They usually only require 2 to 3 visits to our Pocatello dental clinic to get your existing teeth prepared, get dental impressions, and create them before they are bonded to your existing teeth.

Veneers aren’t as durable as dentures or implants and may require replacement or repair due to cracking, leaking, chipping, discoloration, decay, etc. Veneers usually last anywhere from 10 to 30 years before as long as they are taken care of and remain undamaged. Porcelain veneers are mire durable and resistant to staining than composite veneers are.

Veneers were invented in 1928 in California by a dentist by the name of Charles Pincus. Originally created to change the appearance of actors, their apparent benefits were realized and veneers have been used in dentistry ever since. Modern veneers are a great and non-invasive way to improve the appearance and aesthetics of otherwise imperfect teeth. Our Pocatello dental clinic is available to answer any questions you may have concerning dental veneers.

Visit our Pocatello Dental Office for information about dentures, implants, and veneers

Sure, losing your teeth is not very much fun. But there are options available to get them replaced. Dentures, implants, and veneers have come a long way, technologically, since their introduction into dentistry. Our dentists have extensive experience when it comes to providing our patients with tooth replacement options.

Once you have chosen Comfort Care Dental in Pocatello to assist you with any teeth replacement treatments, you can be rest assured that you made the right choice. We will walk you through each and every step in the process of restoring your smile and are available to answer any questions you may have concerning pre-treatment and post-recovery. We will inform you of all after-care instructions you need to know about and we will also help you make the right decisions concerning payment for services. We accept many different insurance providers and can check to see if your insurance will help cover any of these procedures. We also take credit and debit card payments.

No insurance? We’ve got you covered. We offer two options when it comes to paying for your services. One of them is called the In-Office Service Plan and consists of obtaining an individual or family membership. This plan will help you save up to 15% on most of our dental treatments. We also offer Care Credit which is basically a credit card specifically designed for medical and dental care. This plan allows patients to make interest free payments and, if you qualify, Comfort Care Dental might be able to pay your interest for you. Click here for more information.