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October 18, 2015
Your Idaho Dentist can use Botox to Help with Chronic Migraines and TMJ
October 31, 2015
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Going to see your dentist to help with chronic headaches may not seem the logical choice, but when you hear that the solution may be a Botox treatment from your dentist you will probably be speechless, admittedly not an unusual situation during a dental consultation.

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Botox as a Treatment for Chronic Migraines

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “Botox” is certainly not as a source for helping cure migraines. However, the well-known wrinkle ironer has proven to be an unexpected source of relief for people suffering from chronic migraines.

The treatment consists of 31 injections aimed at seven key areas, and while the number might seem scary to you, the results overshadow it. Botox can reduce the number of headaches you experience, as well as their severity. It can also help with reducing the symptoms caused by migraines such as nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

While it usually takes a few treatments to achieve the full effect, the result in most cases is well worth the effort. On top of that, fewer wrinkles are an additional benefit you are unlikely to complain about!


One of the biggest benefits of using Botox for chronic migraines is that complications are very rare, and an experienced dental specialist will make sure to minimize them for you. In those rare cases where complications do occur, the most common side effects are some bruising or swelling where the injection was applied and very occasionally some flu-like symptoms.

The injections themselves are nearly painless as you may feel just a slight prick from each of them, making the process itself far from arduous.

Now that the FDA has approved Botox for use in the treatment of chronic migraines, a number of insurance companies cover it in their plan. This leaves you with very few excuses not to give this potentially life changing treatment a try.

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