Idaho Falls Botox

Our Idaho Falls botox treatment is primarily for treating migraine headaches, TMD, and other problems related to muscle tension. Both of these issues can be resolved through botox treatment, as these are often caused by an excessive amount of muscle tension.

Botox treatment in Idaho Falls can help solve the issue because botox binds to the cramped muscles and helps relieve tension in the muscle fibers. The protein in our Idaho Falls botox that binds to the muscle fibers will remain there until the protein becomes inactive. This process takes about three to four months on average. During this time, you will experience relief from migraines, headaches, and jaw aches which result from an excessive amount of muscle tension.

Botox not only relieves pain through relaxing muscles, it also helps prevent nerves from releasing molecules which lead to inflammation.

If you are suffering from chronic migraines or TMD, we can help! Contact us today for more information on our Idaho Falls botox services.

November 1, 2015
woman with Botox - Idaho Falls Dental

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