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Not all of us can afford the time or money to replace lost teeth with a dental implant as soon as it happens. Sometimes it can take a few months, and in some cases a few years. Unfortunately, bone waits for no man. When we finally get the necessary time or funds for the implanting procedure, our bones might have had other ideas, and have degraded too much be unable to support it. This is where bone grafting comes in.

Bone Grafting Pocatello Dentist

Not as Scary as it Sounds

While the term bone grafting might sound really unnerving, the procedure itself is not. Its use has become so widespread that it is now a routine and fairly painless procedure. Bone grafting in the oral cavity is a dental surgical procedure that replaces atrophied or reabsorbed bone with material from your own body, or in some cases an artificial, synthetic, or natural substitute.

Replace and Regrow

One of the best features of this particular process is that the graft that gets implanted into your bone does not only replace the missing bone, but more importantly, it helps your body regenerate the bone by itself. Over time the new bone strengthens the grafted area by creating a bond between your existing bone and the grafted material.

This means that any bones loss in your mouth or jaw will gradually get reversed over time, and your own newly formed bone will eventually replace much of the grafted material. After the process of re-growth is finished, the repaired bone will be ready to receive implants for any missing teeth.

If you waited too long to have a missing tooth replaced at the dentist, wait no more. Bone grafting insures that implants can be of the proper length and width, and it gives the additional benefit of effectively restoring your jaw to full health avoiding any potentially harmful issues further down the line.

Contact your Comfort Care Dentist office today and ask if you are a candidate for bone grafting with implants.

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