Educational Articles – Dentist, Botox, Sleep Apnea

August 9, 2015

Bruxism – Grinding Your Teeth

Most people have to struggle with their partner’s snoring, but the noise of grinding teeth can be equally as disturbing. Waking up every morning with a […]
August 9, 2015

Dental Bridges – Why Do it?

There are so many ways that you can lose a tooth, even if your oral hygiene is spotless. Fall, bite on a pit accidental left in […]
August 9, 2015

Key Causes and Prevention of Bad Breath

We smirk when we see people blow into their hands to check their breath, but most of us are guilty of doing it at least once […]
August 6, 2015

Do you Tweet? Even these will make you laugh

We could help but to snicker at this collection of hilarious tweets that show the gap between the generations.